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XI. Pelican Competition results

November 19-20, 2022

Children (under the age of 14)

GY 01Aircraft

GY 03Civilian vehicle

GY 04Other

Juniors (15-18 years old)

I 01Aircraft

I 02Military vehicle

I 03Civilian vehicle

I 04Other


F 01Aircraft 1:72 and smaller

F 02Aircraft 1:48 and bigger

F 03Aircraft diorama

F 04Military vehicle 1:72 and smaller

F 05Military vehicle 1:48 and bigger

F 06Military vehicle diorama

F 07Car and motorcycle

F 08Truck

F 09Ship

F 10Human figure

F 11Sci-fi

F 12Other


M 01Aircraft

M 02Military vehicle

M 03Civilian vehicle

M 04Human figure

M 05Other

Featured category

K 01Agricultural vehicle

24-hour Construction



Best of Show

Audience Award